Mysql search term in valid

hello all i search for today's data but mysql ignore the term. what can i do. this is the sql i wrote, it work on mysql, but it fail in red-node.

select * from records where create_time >CURDATE() AND create_time < CURDATE()+INTERVAL 1 DAY

Exactly what error are you seeing?

Assuming that you are sending the query in the message please attach a debug node showing what is going into the mysql node, and another showing what is coming out of the mysql node. Set both debug nodes to Output Complete Message and show us what you see. Make sure to expand both debug nodes in the debug pane enough that we can see what is there.

Which mysql node have you installed? Probably node-red-contrib-something.

sorry Colin. my silly mistake. it is cache. i reboot my computer and it work. thanks for your reply. so appreciated.

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