MySQL select limit

I try to query mySQL db. I use newMsg.topic = "select * from energy order by _time limit 1" ;
and is working I got on element in payload. Also for limit 1-6 is working but everything bigger than 6 I go no answer from database.
Anyone know what could be wrong?

Welcome to the forum @Lolcutus

Add a debug node showing the message you are feeding to the sql node, set it to Output Complete Message, and check what it shows.
If you still can't see the problem then show us what the debug node says and how you have configured the sql node.

limit 6

limit 7 and no output

I don't see the debug nodes in your image. Give them names so it is clear which is which.

[Edit] Also add a Catch node catching errors from the SQL node and feed that into another debug node.

I will but I thought the debug node is the logger to debug

ok, so is working, I see in debug node data, I was testing it with logger and with logger I could not saw it.
Thanks for help

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