Mysqldump - how to create a backup of mysql database from node-red


I tried searching forum but could not get any relevant results. so here is the question.
How do I make a backup of my mysql database from node-red ?

I am able to create a backup using mysqldump command in the respective folder in windows command line opened as administrator.
mysqldump -u user -ppassword dbase > backup1.sql
How do i use this in node-red using mysql node ?

You should be able to use an exec node to run the command. Use the full path to the command and use forward slashes.

I tried, its not working. i am doing something wrong,


I don't use Windows, but i guess you need quotes round the command name. From the error it has stopped at the space.

quotes didnt help
i believe i have to change directory first and then execute the mysqldump since even in cmd prompt i am unable to execute the mysqldump directly from root

I couldn't get it going through NR.
Eventually wrote a batch file and made windows scheduler run the file every day. serves my prupose so not pursuing the NR way.

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