Need an email checker node


I'm wanting to build a dashboard that displays the number of new/old emails from various accounts and folders. I don't want NR to actually download the messages, just tell me how many there are.

I've looked, but most of the nodes that I've found actually send or fetch emails.

Have I missed something?


I think the default email node does send status (which can be grabbed by the status node) which includes thing like the number of emails processed... - and can be set not to set emails to read so it should keep re-reading them...

I was hoping this was the case, but it doesn't appear to be. From the help tips for the default email in node:

Repeatedly gets a single email from an IMAP server and forwards on as a msg if not already seen.

The subject is loaded into msg.topic and msg.payload is the plain text body. If there is text/html then that is returned in msg.html . msg.from and are also set if you need them.


I think the info may be out of date vs recent updates. I’ll have a look when I’m near laptop next.

- Yes - The node will now fetch all messages of a certain criteria (Default is Unseen) - and mark them as Read (default) - Delete - or None (leave untouched) . If set to none then they will remain unread and so re-fetched on the next fetch. I'll update the readme.

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