Need help temporary payload

I have a TCP input node triggering a flow once per second with data from a load cell weigh scale. I'd like to output that payload to a TCP output node (remote display) continuously except when certain conditions are met (weight change), then I want to output an alternate payload to the same TCP output node for a certain amount of time (a few seconds) before switching back to the continuous TCP input node payload. I also want to have the alternate payload "flash" on the remote display which will likely require cycling between two alternate payloads to create a blinking effect.

Here's the flow I currently have. Note the "Live Update to Display" and "5 second display override" nodes, those two should go to the TCP output node.

I'm unsure of how to do the timing for the blinking effect and secondly, how to temporarily inject an alternate payload when my conditions are met. Are there nodes designed for this?

Off the top of my head you'll need a loop that checks if its in your "alternate" state every (for arguments sake) second and then output whatever is not currently being output (e.g. " " or "0").
You could use a delay node and a set of nodes like this to make your loop. I don't have nodered at hand at the moment but i'll check back in the morning with a example if no ones posted one.