Need help to read data from BLE temperature sensor in Node-red (LYWSD03MMC)

First of all, I am beginning with node-RED, so excuse me if I miss some basic points or do not use the correct vocabulary

My project is to run replace a broken thermostat of my central heating.

I need help to be able to read the temperature from the BLE sensor with node-red and inject these data in flows.

Here are some details of the setup:
The thermostat is controlling a 3way-valve on the heater (making it not compatible with most of the thermostats on the market): It needs to send a maintain a signal to open the valve and a signal on a different wire to close the valve.

I am trying to use the hardware I have and I know: Raspberry Pi3, Mi sensors (LYWSD03MMC), 5V relays.

here is a schematic of the system:
< 3way-valve > --(wires)--<< **Relays >(GPIO)<Rasp.Pi**>> ----(Bluetooth)--- < BLE Temp Sensor >

I have got most of the pieces to have a prototype but I am stuck with temperature reading.
My plan was to use small sensors Xiaomi/Mi broadcasting temperature via a Bluetooth low energy signal (BLE)

Own research:
I overcame the connection issue of the sensor to the raspberry Pi, thank to the work of Aaron Christophe, and managed to record readings during days with Homeassistant as test.

Scrapping the internet I read many articles using ESP32 to convert the BLE signal into Wifi, which I would like to avoid at this point to avoid additional hardware in the system.

I have seen many nodes in npm dealing with BLE like noble. but I am kind of lost in knowing which ones to use and how.
I have managed to scan and detect the sensor with node-red-contrib-ble-scan
and tested node-red-contrib-xiaomi-ble without being able to get the reading.

I am stuck with getting the temperature signal (probably by lack of knowledge of node-red)

I have read this article xiaomi-mijia-hygrothermo-v2-sensor-data-on-raspberry-pi which gives a way forward but outside node-RED

Sensor:LYWSD03MMC (datasheet)

I can not give you a direct answer as i went through this about a year ago and ended up giving up on getting it directly into NR. In the end i used an ESP32 flashed with (initially) OpenMQTT gateway and then later moved that to using ESPHome.

I have 3 of these around the house now with about a dozen of the Xiaomi units (i used the round ones) and they have been flawless


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