Need help turn on light base on power monitor

Hi all,

I have a tasmotized smart plug that is plugged into the washing machine. The smart plug does have a power monitor function. I want to setup so that NodeRed would monitor the plug's power usage. If the power consumption goes over 10 watt for 3+ mins then the washing machine is running. Once the power consumption drop to 0 watt for 15 mins then the washing cycle is done, it would turn on a smart light bulb. The bulb would me a reminder to me that the washing is done (i'm tired of having to rewash because i forgot to move the cloth to the dryer :frowning: )

What node do i use to monitor the power consumption?

Any help on this would be appreciated. Thank you.

You could use a Switch node to send to two outputs dependent on whether the value is > 10. Feed the >10 message into a trigger node set to Send Nothing then Wait 3 mins and send the Running message. Feed the <10 message from the Switch into a Change node which converts it to a Reset message to reset the trigger node and feed that into it too. Then if it drops below 10 it resets the trigger and stops it sending the message.

You can use the same technique to watch for 0 for 15 minutes.

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