Need help with a one shot trigger

Hi There,

I'm hoping for some help..

I need a set a GPIO pin high for 1 second, then low, triggered by a payload "1".
Subsequent payload "1"s should have no effect until a payload "0" is received which then enables the next "1" to trigger the pin once more. Basically it is a one-shot trigger reset by a "0"
I've searched everywhere but found nothing quite like that. Unfortunately my JSON skills are not so good.. I'm still learning :slight_smile:


Have a play around with the trigger node (and might need a switch node and a change node as well)

If you can't manage to get it do do what you want it to do - come and paste your attempt here and we can try and point you in the right direction :slight_smile:

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Ah.. thanks.. you got me thinking of 2 trigger nodes one after the other. I was trying to achieve that with a function but two sequential trigger nodes did the trick. Thanks!

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