Nest Thermostat - how to split two objects


I have two Nest Thermostat (Hallway and Conservatory) which are both reported back together via the Nest node, and while I can split them into two payload messages (sent one after the other), I can’t seem to then switch them out to be processed individually ?

Original payload is this (not sure if I should share those identifiers?)


The SPLIT node then creates these two objects, sent in quick succession


I’d like to to use the SWITCH node to switch them out, so I can process them separately, but I’m not sure of the best way?

If you set the split to set property to be key value - eg topic

then set debug to look at complete msg not just payload. The msg.topic will then be what you need to do the switch

Hi @dceejay

Thanks for helping, I’ve done as you suggested, plus I’ve also set the property to msg.topic within the switch, but I cant see msg.topic appearing anywhere ?

once it's in the topic (from the split) then it should now just be a string - so the contains just needs to check a string type - not msg.

Damn I had tried string before - but changed it !!

Many thanks - just when I think I’m getting the hang of it - something I thought was straight forward catches me out !! :crazy_face: