New Dialog Popup

I have created a new dialog popup node with customziable number of input fields of different types.
The fields also could be marked as required, which leads to validation check before closing the popup.
It consists of two parts:

  1. enhancement of the node-red-dashboard main.js ( new "show-dialog" event )
  2. new node: node-red-contrib-multi-input dialog

Here is the link to my local respository: node-red-dashboard/ at dialog · Mannheim68199/node-red-dashboard · GitHub

Any feedback is welcome.

This looks interesting. Do I understand correctly that your node requires using your fork of the dashboard? Are your changes to the dashboard specific to the new node, or do they have more general use? If the latter, have you considered making a pull request?

I just want to start a discussion of what to do.
I have just added a new event "show-dialog" similar to "show-toast", as I do not want to influence existing coding. This new event is used in the new node, which might also be part of the node-red-dashboard node.


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