[NEW FEATURE] node-red-contrib-simple-gate (version 0.2.0)


This update takes advantage of the persistent context feature introduced in Node-RED version 0.19.

Previously, the node would enter the Default State on startup, either when first deployed in the editor, re-deployed as part of a modified flow or entire workspace, or when Node-RED is restarted by the user or by a system service. Now, however, the user can select the Restore from saved state option (checkbox) in the edit dialog. Then, if a persistent form of context storage has been enabled in the Node-RED settings.js file, the node will attempt to enter the state last saved in the node context. It will use the Default State only if no saved state is available.

The new version is intended to be backward compatible with earlier ones. Please report any issues.



Nice work Michael, and thanks for taking the time to add this enhancement.