[New Node] @eswarpr/node-red-modn-counter

A node inspired by mod-N/divide-by-N counters like SN74LS90/92 logic ICs. I needed this, as I am building some 555 timer based experiments, and I do not have any hardware counters yet. Thought I will simulate it in node-RED in the meantime. Releasing it to public in case others need to use this.

The examples have been released with the latest package that demonstrates:

  • Using the counter by itself and as a delay based on incoming data.
  • Using the counter in a series with other mod-n counters to count and delay execution based on incoming data
  • Using the counter and resetting it from another part of the node when needed.

The input to the counters can be:

  • An array of JSON objects with 2 properties: topic and value. Topic may be "reset" or "set" depending on what you want the counter to do, and value could be 1 or 0. When resetting the node will expect the value to be 1
  • A JSON object with a similar structure as detailed above
  • A numeric payload with a value of 1 or 0, which will be assumed as a "set" operation by the node

Find details about the node at this link