New version of ESPHome: Includes wireguard VPN, Tuya support and more

Thought some people might be interested in this. I've been using ESPHome without Home Assistant for some while now. It is robust, reliable and very flexible. Love that I can have common configs and combine them for different devices.

Well, it turns out that not only does it have Wireguard VPN support for ESP32 devices which might be a good security feature for some folk with remote devices. It also has built-in "LibraTiny" support. This is the feature that lets you reflash devices that normally use Tuya cloud for control to use local control. Not soldering needed. LibraTiny also now supports direct MQTT support which means that you don't need Home Assistant to use Tuya devices either.

Very nice.

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Hi Julian,
I was having a look at Tuya devices also a few months ago. Because you find a lot of cool affordable devices.

But I read here at the time being that the latest devices were not ESP based anymore, so Tasmota would not support them anymore. So again a no-go for my setup... Is that somehow different with EspHome?


Apparently ESPHome supports more platforms, not only ESP based ones: ESPHome — ESPHome


Sorry Bart, I should have included that they have also enabled non-ESP microprocessors as hominidae says. So you may well be able to use them. I've not looked at the details but I know that the LibraTiny project has been going for quite a while now and is on its 3 name I think. But until this iteration, you could only use it with Home Assistant and was installed as well as ESPHome. Now it is fully integrated. I believe that it has also been made easier to do the initial OTA takeover of the device.

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My understanding is that you can now do OTA on the Belkin chips.


yes this is the reason why it is interesting to hack these objects for "no-Cloud" use.

There are 2 ways to do it:
1/ use tuya-cloudcutter: flash the device Over The Air to remove the "cloud" and integrate it with ESPHome. But only compatible with BEKEN BK72xx chips

I think you meant BEKEN?

2/ take out the tool kit and flash the chip via the UART connection with the openBeken software. Multi-chip compatible but requires electronics skills (soldering etc.)
In both cases you have to open the device to see which chip is used for wifi transmission.


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