Ngrok node doesn't work : no return message

I try to use ngrok node.
But it doesn't work.
here is my code :slight_smile:
Of course, the auth token is correct, I copied it from the ngrok site.
When I inject 'on' on this node, I get nothing back in the output of the ngrok node.
And I have no error.
so what? What can I do?

I could recommend:

1- Try to instantiate ngrok directly from your terminal (therefore not using Node-RED) to see if it works
2- ngrok will check the configuration file below to create the tunneling. Check if the file looks good:


3- Try changing the config in your ngrok node by configuring only the port number instead of https://localhost:8081


Thé command work fine when they are launched in the terminal. But not when they are launched with the same syntax from the node exec.

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Now I found the reason of the different behavior.
In the command line, I was logged as admin
But node-red is running as root.
So, the auth mechanism was not correctly done.
Now, I do everything as root, and it works fine.