Node execution within a subflow

I have an application where I need two function nodes to run as close in time as possible. I can place them on the same branch, but isn't it possible that an unrelated flow will execute in between these two nodes? If so, it I placed both nodes inside a subflow, would this guarantee that they run as close as possible in time? I do realize that things like garbage collection and Linux may make the time between any two nodes variable. I trying to do the best I can. If I need to, I can combine the code into one function block but I would like to avoid it.


Hi @tcr000

If the code is in two separate nodes then the runtime will be able to schedule other work when the message is passed from one to the other. Putting the nodes inside a subflow doesn't change that.

If it really is that critical, then putting the code into one node is the only way to be sure - plus you remove the overhead of sending the message between the nodes which doesn't happen for free in terms of time.

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