Node for a dynamic list

Hey there,

I'm working on a project which is about the inventory management.
I almost have finished the project but I have one big issue.

I need a dynamic list similar to excel. But I found no package in Node-Red which offers such a list.

Maybe someone has a suggestion for me.

I'm grateful for every reference.

Have a nice week.

Hi @mari12

can you expand a bit more on what you mean?

Do you want a flow that generates a file containing a list of items?

Where do the items come from? Do you need to add items to the list over time?


sorry for the late answer.

The items of the lists are generated in another flow.
The idea of the list is, to control the items and maybe change the amount of them.
There also should be the possibility und confirm the input with a hook.


Some questions

  1. When you say another flow do you mean another tab in the same node-red instance?
  2. Does the list have to survive a node-red restart/reboot?
    If the answer to 2 is yes, then perhaps what you want is something like an sqlite database.

Yes exactly another tab in the same node-red instance.

No, this is not necessary.
The items are generatered after every reboot. So the list gets the new information.

Are you using the dashboard ? If so does the Dropdown help ?
Or is this on the editor side ?

Can you just use a javascript object?
var inventory = {"widgets": 5, "froglets: 1}
inventory["widgets"] = inventory["widgets"] - 1
inventory[partName] = inventory[partName] - 1

or maybe an array
var inventory = [{name: "widgets", quantity: 5},{name: "froglets", quantity: 1}]

I am using a dashboard but only to control and show the parts.

and on the editor side I want a dynamic list.
Easily said I want the opportunity to change or confirm the generated items.

Hi all,
I am looking for a similar drop down list node whose length and contents node can be set dynamically.
In my case i have a static primary list from which the user can select one value. Based on this value, a secondary list needs to open up, showing a set of options to select from.
For instance, if the primary list contains two options - "Petrol" and "Diesel".
For the selection of primary option Petrol, the secondary list might show three options - "Normal ", "HighSpeed", "FuelSaver".
For the selection of primary option "Diesel", the secondary list might show only two options - "Standard"," Turbo".

So i would like to insert a function node after the primary drop down list node to interpret the primary selection and show or hide the available options in the secondary list as per the primary selection.
Is this possible in Node-red at all ?
As per latest node version, the lists can only be static, so, i will have both the secondary lists displayed on the UI at all times, and then process the secondary option separately based on the primary selection. It clutters up the UI ..... :frowning:

I have another question - please forgive my ignorance, but as i understand, the Node system works on events. Is that correct? So unless there is an event or change, there is no way to know what is the default item at the top of the list in a drop down node? This node only outputs a payload when any selection is changed - not even if you select the same option again.

Any information on the above questions is welcome ... :slight_smile:
Chary BS