[NODE]implementation of mustache templates in external files

hello everyone! I'm developing a node to implement mustache template in external files.
So there is no need to deploy for changes to multiple templates.
This node was thought soon after an implementation of a project in node-red where many TEMPLATE nodes were used to create dynamic HTML pages.
Initial example:

  • flow:

  • file directory:


  • template file:

  • msg send

  • result html:


Suggestions are always welcome!

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Hi. We always appreciate contributions. It make for a great ecosystem.

However, not meaning to rain on your parade, but what advantage does this contrib node have over the built in file node + template node?

Maybe if there were some extra features that made it worth while like outputting the rendered string to a user defined property? Like providing the file name from a user defined msg property or a context/ env variable? Or have additional properties in the output message to help users understand why certain tokens were/were not replaced? Perhaps if it had options to replace tokens that weren't found in the payload or env or context with a user defined default value (e.g. "NO VALUE")? Maybe you could support the (better/more features) handlebars library instead of mustache?

As it stands, I probably wouldn't use this node as (as far as I can see) offers little advantage over the built-in file+template node.

I hope you can extract the positive constructive feedback from my ramblings.

Thanks either way.

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