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All the map loading for a start... Not sure why you need a map for cron. Must severely add bloat ?

That's not in NPM yet Dave. And yeah, the map part is a CDN (for obvious reasons) but I'm not sure it could be called bloat (a button and dialog to ease geo coordinates setting) - more of an assist feature that works if you have internet. I do plan on having it show the user a message instead if no internet as fall back before publishing to NPM

@TotallyInformation, if you get a moment, I'd appreciate you pointing out what you spotted please. Ta.

Ok - maybe not severely - but an extra few hundred kB just for the cartodb libraries and then plus any map tiles needed, just to set a timezone you could pick off a list without any connection to internet :slight_smile:

That was my first thought but it's fairly substantial the difference in sun up & sun down time from the east most part of a time zone to the west most point. So for the sake a few hundred KB, I went for accuracy based on lon lat coods.

Perhaps there is a halfway house solution?

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Hi Steve, I found several let statements, I remember that.

Honestly, the best thing to do is to use eslint with a configuration than highlights anything ES6 related. You can add a simple setting that sets the ES version you want to target. If you want maximum browser support, I think that ES5 is the limit right now. I limit the html file to ES5 but allow ES6 in the .js file so that I can make best use of JS features from node.js v8.6+.

In regard to the mapping stuff. Any chance of that being optional? I'm fairly certain I won't ever use it - especially as I know the Lat/Long coordinates of my house anyway. I'd like to make cron+ the key timing function of my new setup but I'm concerned about having unnecessary code. I'm even more concerned about it being CDN based when I really don't need to use it except maybe once.

well carto then pulls in leaflet and a load of other dependencies so the basic few hundred k is probably MBs. You could always use the built in browser geolocation api - at least the user would get a popup asking if they want to allow access to location and can say no :slight_smile:

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Thanks for feedback. Afaik, let is fine in IE (apart from some scoping issues)

Hmmmmm. Will have to have a dig.

I first looked at this but dismissed it for some reason.

Perhaps I could (instead of the Cartro lib) have the location button show a dialog where the user can request location from browser and offer advice on getting other location coords from external resources?

@TotallyInformation, @dceejay does that sound like a reasonable compromise?

In Internet Explorer, let within a for loop initializer does not create a separate variable for each loop iteration as defined by ES2015. Instead, it behaves as though the loop were wrapped in a scoping block with the let immediately before the loop.

IE11 only. If anyone needs to support <IE11 then it won't work.


Sod that.

It's hard enough having to cater for the 2.2% still using that atrocity & IE10 is :skull: as of last month anyhoo.

Well true, but as we now have quite a few commercial uses of Node-RED, we cannot rule out that some organisations may still have users stuck in the past.

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