Node-RED 0.20.0-beta.4 released

@Andrei this is nothing to do with the browser. It is 100% related to how we pass credentials to git - it is a complicated process that involves multiple scripts and environment variables properly configured to tell git about those scripts. I can see there are github issues (some open, some closed) against other projects who do similar interactions with Git. But until I can get access to a Windows machine there's not much I can do to investigate.

@knolleary I would investigate but not sure where to start tbh.
I have managed to debug own nodes but when trying to debug anything in node-red, it's a labyrinth.

Is there any update on this issue? I have the same problem on node-red v1.0.6
described it in this topic:

As you have re-raised it in another thread we'll close this one.

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