🎉 Node-RED 2.2.3 and 3.0.2 released

We've just released new maintenance releases for both the 2.x and 3.x streams of Node-RED.

Node-RED 3.0.2

This release includes some fixes for exporting Subflows that contain Junctions, some updates to the German translations (thanks to the community for helping with these!), and some other useful fixes.

Details in the 3.0.2 ChangeLog.

Node-RED 2.2.3

And just to show we haven't forgotten about users who aren't in a position to update to Node-RED 3.0, we've published a long-overdue maintenance release in the 2.x stream.

This includes lots of back-ported fixes from 3.0 - thanks to @Steve-Mcl for getting lots of those done.

Details in the 2.2.3 ChangeLog.


Thank you @knolleary and @Steve-Mcl !!

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Beginning of LTS? :grin:

@Fabios we've had an LTS policy for a while now - Release Plan : Node-RED - although that does need some updates with the actual dates of 3.0.

Oh Thank you Nick, I missed that one. Do you need any help updating the google sheet?

Thanks for the offer @Fabios - it's all up to date now: Release Plan : Node-RED

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