Node-RED 3.0 - Question on Diagnostic Report

Diagnostic Report is a nice addition to Node-RED (as all other new features). Is this a REST endpoint that can reply to an HTTP request ? Or otherwise perhaps its code can be invoked inside a function node to create a message that will exit to a MQTT node? I wish I could send the information given by the diagnostic to a monitoring system.

Diagnostic Report

We’ve added a new admin endpoint that returns information about the runtime and the system its running on. This can be used to quickly gather information when reporting an issue.

It is just a web endpoint so yes, you could use node-red itself to get it - it returns json - and send that data somewhere.

Just note that it works on the admin ExpressJS instance so if you have turned on login for the Editor, you need the credentials for that endpoint too i think.

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That is one of the two reasons it was added :slight_smile:

  1. For helping in forum posts (no more "what versions are you running" long threads exposing how to use a command line)
  2. For automated systems info gathering

Julians answer covers the rest (pun intended)

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As you can see here: even node-red itself calls the rest endpoint...

So a basic flow of: inject --> http request --> some_processing --> MQTT is perfectly plausible for your node-red instances to "check in" on a frequency of your liking.

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I've now added the diagnostics into my regular data collection using node-red to capture both to a retained global variable and via a standard script to a collection of MQTT topics.

I run it every 6 hours

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