🎉 Node-RED 3.1.0-beta.4 released

Which theme are you using? It is ok for me with midnight-red and dark, from @node-red-contrib-themes/theme-collection, and with the default theme. This is midnight-red


Just something I hacked together. I didn't like any of the dark themes and I only needed to adjust a few things.

We can create a new theme that suits your needs. :wink:


I'd love that. Mostly I need something that is like the standard theme just with the contrast toned down so that it doesn't burn out my eyes when working in a low-light room.

I've currently got this:

Instead of:

Doesn't look as dramatic as pics as it does on a 27" hi-def screen. I already put my screens into lower brightness in the evenings but the white and light grey of the default theme is still eye watering.

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I just sent you a DM.

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Got a strange one - don't seem able to add any code into a function node

I don't get any cursor appearing and nothing appears when I type anything

Win11, Vivaldi

Found this out while testing out in this thread

@cymplecy most likely due to a node you've recently installed causing a clash of some sort. I've been mostly offline this last week, but I think I saw a similar issue was reported and fixed in our (FlowForge) dashboard nodes. If you have that installed, please make sure you've updated to the lastest (0.0.9 at the time of writing).

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updating the new FF dashboard to 0.0.9 fixed the editing/no-code appearing issue :slight_smile:

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I am seeing an occasional problem with mqtt nodes, but I have not been able to replicate it. I do have the new flowforge dashboard installed, but I think it is unlikely that is related. The symptom is that when I try to deploy it says that a set of my mqtt nodes are misconfigured. To make the error go away I have to open the mqtt config node and click Done, then it will deploy ok. One time it happened I told it to deploy anyway, then opened the config node and when I clicked done it said I needed to deploy, but when I did that the flows file was exactly as it was before.

As I said I have not been able to work out what is triggering the issue, and it may be nothing to do with the beta release, but I thought I should mention it in case others have seen it.

Would be good if you could get a repro down please Colin :crossed_fingers:

I have the same issue with MQTT. https://discourse.nodered.org/t/when-i-restart-node-red-mqtt-broker-nodes-show-error/79081

In that thread I said the problem went away when I reinstalled the entire OS, but it's back now on the same Raspberry Pi Zero 2.

To chime in I see it too
Pi 4, all the updates ver 3.02

It does look like the same problem, after reading your post I realise that opening the config node, clicking Update and deploying makes the error disappear, if I then refresh the browser they come back.

As both you and @gerry are seeing it on 3.02 it isn't a 3.1 beta problem so I will re-open your thread and carry on over there. If anyone has any ideas how to diagnose what is going on then please join us at When I restart Node-red, or refresh the browser, MQTT broker & nodes show error

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Well to clarify, the machine I see it on is running 3.1.0-beta.4.

To further confuse things: yesterday it was misbehaving, today all seems OK.

Restarting Node-red, rebooting the NR device and clearing the browser cache do not currently trigger the errors.

As I mentioned in the other thread but can't currently confirm, messages do still flow through the MQTT nodes marked with the red triangle.
Does that suggest the problem is with the code which identifies a bad connection rather than actual mqtt processing?

Hi @gerry, can you confirm that you are seeing the same problem? Refreshing the browser brings up the red triangles, opening the config node and clicking Update and Deploy clears it, but another refresh brings them back? Meanwhile the flow continues to work correctly.

Oh yes, I had missed that.
Do you have the new dashboard installed?

dashboard 3.5.0.

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I think I have got it.
Somehow the problematic mqtt config node has acquired a new option in flows.json
"autoUnsubscribe": true,
Deleting those lines from flows.json and restarting node-red clears the problem, at least until they re-appear.

I will raise an issue.

Yes, as you describe

Do you see the autoUnsubscribe line(s) in flows.json? And are you definitely on 3.0.2?