Node-red and Knative

I was going through this article today -- Node-RED Hits 1.0, Looks to a Serverless, Microservices Future – The New Stack -- and read that there are some ideas around integrating Node-red with Knative. While this sounds super-cool, can someone share more details around what use case is being solved for and how it will work? Serverless will be awesome for node-red, but I imagine there will be cold start problems when the service is scaled to 0 ( or is my understanding incorrect?)

Anyway, any information you can share about Knative integration with node-red will be great. Thanks!

Hi @rorokoko

I think that article focussed a bit too much on a throwaway comment I made.

I still think there is something interesting to explore it the area of Node-RED and serverless, but it isn't something we've had the bandwidth in the core of the project to look at.

I know there are some people in the community who have had some success running Node-RED in serverless environments - for very particular types of workload.


Thanks for the note, @knolleary

Here is one idea - change the behavior of the deploy button on the flows page, and make the flow deploy on knative cluster, with all the dependencies, instead of deploying on server that runs node-red. The node-red ui will just be used to build the flows, but the deployment is managed on knative. I think this way, the cold start problem may be resolved to some extent, because individual flows will have lower startup time than node-red instance. Does this make sense or is feasible?

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