Node-Red API Swagger exrnal Access (HTML)

Hi Guys,

I tried node-red-node-swagger module so I can generate API swagger available from Node-red admin editor right panel, but no way to get access throught HTML UI (without need of Ned-Red admin credentials).
When I go to URL http://localhost:1880/swagger-ui/swagger-ui.html, I get blue page with title like I see you're lacking Swagger doc... explaining me that no swagger doc data is available to generate such a page. But there is! Since the Node-red editor right panel gives me the swagger UI I'm designing...

Did I miss something?


Any update in it?

To illustrate my issue, here is what I can see in node-red admin right panel:

.. And here below, the page I get at http://ip:port/swagger-ui/swagger-ui.html:

Any advice will help..

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