Node-red applications will experience an increase in memory usage as their runtime increases?

After checking the three global variables (global, flow, context), no continuous increase in data was found, and the reason is unknown. Thank you for your answer.

@xingzhe welcome to the forum.

You haven't provided enough information for anyone to even give a guess as to what your issue is.
Please provide some details

  1. what device are you running NR on?
  2. what version of node-red and node.js are you running? (see the startup log for this)
  3. how big is your flow and what are you doing in it?
  4. are you using dashboard graphs and if so how much data do you send to it and how often?
  5. are you using Docker and/or Home Assistant?
  6. how did you check the space used by the context variables?
  7. how much is the memory increase and over what amount of time?
  8. what is your flow doing?

Providing the answers to all these questions will give people a chance to help you.

[note: I'm moving this thread to the 'General' category.]