Node-RED at work - Discovered Products & Services

Over the last few days I've come across three different businesses using Node-RED.
Just though the community would find what people doing with NR of interest.

Building automation:
Interra have released IConnect which uses NR and integrates a range of BA protocols.
A number of us have been doing this with RPI and Industrialised RPI for years.
But this device is very welcomed addition as it simplifies design and hopefully will reduce costs.

Japanese blog post (use google translate)

App development
Looks like a mobile App SDK with node-red back-end... interesting

**Rhino tracker - RF evaluation"
Irnas develops LoRaWAN based Elephant and Rhino trackers for Smart-Parks.
They use a familiar architecture of TTN, Node-RED, InfluxDB & Grafana.
Node-RED uses raw the GNSS from LoRaWAN sensor to do a geolocation lookup from a cloud service.


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