Node Red Bubble Chart js

Hi everybody,
I am new in node-red I do not know how to configure the bubble chart node as I have to plot DateTime on x-axes and an integer(temperature) on y axes. Can anyone share an example flow or guide?

Go to the Flows tab at the top of the forum page. Enter a search term of 'bubble'.

I have used that flow but I do not know how to use that for DateTime on x-axes?

Well this is where you go ask google (or your favorite search engine) and doing some research. I can’t give you the answer because I’ve never tried it with dates, but maybe someone else out on the web has, and it’s waiting for you to find it.

Is this what you mean?

Yes, I need this type of graph but I have dynamic data coming from database. Handling it with a react component is a bit tricky. Can anyone know about a simpler solution?. I am stuck there I have been searching for two days but could not find something.

Did you search the forum?

E.g... Problem with X/Y graph with ui_graph - #8 by Steve-Mcl

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