Node-RED Con 2022 - October 7th

Our friends in the Node-RED Japan User Group have run a number of successful Node-RED conferences over the last few years. This year, we're joining forces with them to bring the event to a wider audience.

Node-RED Con 2022 will be held on Friday 7th October 2022

We will be running a global event with online streams spread across multiple time zones.

We have just opened our call-for-papers and asking for submissions on all aspects of Node-RED. We are keen to have a mix of:

  • Inspiring Stories about how Node-RED is being used to solve real problems,
  • Technical Insights into ways of working with Node-RED,
  • Demonstrations of how to use Node-RED for specific situations,
  • Fun and Entertaining hacks built with Node-RED.

Node-RED can be used in many different domains, we are especially interested in the following for 2022:

  • Edge Computing
  • Internet Of Things
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We want this to be a true community event - it would be great to hear from anyone with a story to tell.

Conference Website -
Call for Papers - - Node-RED Con 2022


Wow, I already learned something from the conference! Is that a record? :smile_cat:

Jacdac (


Amazing :grin:

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I am already looking forward to it.

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Nick, thanks for bringing our attention to this. I might be able to share something from my FishNook.

Thanks for the heads up Nick.
I'm wondering if my aircraft project could be beat into presentation shape. (IoT - aircraft are things right?).

How long should the presentation go for?


Hey look a birthday present to me! (Really!)


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this is super cool!