Node-RED Con 2022 - October 7th

Our friends in the Node-RED Japan User Group have run a number of successful Node-RED conferences over the last few years. This year, we're joining forces with them to bring the event to a wider audience.

Node-RED Con 2022 will be held on Friday 7th October 2022

We will be running a global event with online streams spread across multiple time zones.

We have just opened our call-for-papers and asking for submissions on all aspects of Node-RED. We are keen to have a mix of:

  • Inspiring Stories about how Node-RED is being used to solve real problems,
  • Technical Insights into ways of working with Node-RED,
  • Demonstrations of how to use Node-RED for specific situations,
  • Fun and Entertaining hacks built with Node-RED.

Node-RED can be used in many different domains, we are especially interested in the following for 2022:

  • Edge Computing
  • Internet Of Things
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We want this to be a true community event - it would be great to hear from anyone with a story to tell.

Conference Website -
Call for Papers - - Node-RED Con 2022


Wow, I already learned something from the conference! Is that a record? :smile_cat:

Jacdac (


Amazing :grin:

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I am already looking forward to it.

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Nick, thanks for bringing our attention to this. I might be able to share something from my FishNook.

Thanks for the heads up Nick.
I'm wondering if my aircraft project could be beat into presentation shape. (IoT - aircraft are things right?).

How long should the presentation go for?


Hey look a birthday present to me! (Really!)


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this is super cool!

Giving this topic a quick bump... the Call For Papers is due to close soon.

Now's the time to submit your talk ideas for the event. So many of you are doing cool things with Node-RED - this is a great opportunity to share with the community.


Thanks much Nick. Just submitted to speak at the conference. Hopefully to share some of our experiences in edge-computing and IOT.


It's 24 days till this Node-red conference but the "Speakers" and "Sessions" bits of seem to be missing?

We're still finalising the schedule, but expect updates to start happening any day now. As of this morning, I believe most of the accepted speakers had been confirmed.

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Bumping this topic to remind the community that Node-RED Con is happening this week on Friday.

We have two separate tracks of talks - both streamed on YouTube. We'll share links to the streams on the day - and they will be available after the event.

The Japanese track starts at 17:00 UTC+9.
The English track starts at 12:00 UTC.

The full schedule is on the website -