Node Red contractor required for natural swimming pool control system

We're looking for someone to work with us on a relatively complex project. I've pasted the brief below, please drop us a line if this is of interest.


Migrating natural (i.e. chlorine free) swimming pool control system to Node Red.


UniPi Neuron L523

Current Platform

UniPi Mervis

Further information

We currently have a control system implemented using UniPi Mervis which is running at around 20 customer sites, and provides local control and remote SCADA monitoring. The system is fully developed and working effectively and safely. However, due to scaling problems with this platform we are keen to migrate to a Node Red-based solution.

Communication with the hardware is via Modbus and works well with Node Red.

The system is relatively complex, with numerous inputs and outputs:

Inputs - flow sensors, pressure sensor, fluid level switches, electrical current clamp, temperature sensor, pH sensor, various control buttons and fault relays.

Outputs - Pump speed via Modbus, 12 x other pumps and misc devices controlled by relay.

In terms of control we have an Android tablet in the unit that displays an extensive multipage HTML dashboard (served by the UniPi) consisting of around 150 displayed variables and controls which would also need to be implemented.

For remote monitoring we currently use the bundled Mervis SCADA, however we would anticipate possibly switching to something like an MQTT/Azure IoT based system.

We have already developed in-house the majority of this solution using Node Red, but are looking for an external consultant who might be able to help us improve, advise and implement current best practice.

Company Info

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