Node-red-contrib-better-ldap-servicely and msg.payload

Hi there! me again :slight_smile:

I'm trying to pass a value into an LDAP query using node-red-contrib-better-ldap-servicely but the result is showing as undefined.

Has anyone encountered this?

Looking at the src code, the filter field accepts mustache - so try (employeeID={{payload.employeeID}} (assuming msg.payload is an object with a property named employeeID)

Thanks for the reply!

I've altered my approach now, with my flow I now retrieve all of the LDAP objects and split them before running them through the ldap-update node now, I've tried a few things to pass over the msg.payload.dn into the update node but it seems to reference msg.payload.dn as a string despite trying braces and moustaches, any suggestions?

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