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Hello all
I have a problem that I want to implement with Node-Red.
We have a building management technology, where fault reports from the system are currently being sent to Telegram in an external program.
Unfortunately, this program will no longer be supported.
I thought that you could do this with Node-Red and the chat bot.
I have no idea how to get the data in the chat -Bot.
The configuration from the system looks like this.
Can someone help me ????

name protocol over
Ascii Telegram ASCII TCP/IP (Winsock)

Registration target
Name service destination address
Telegram -1- Ascii Telegram Telegram server


{ "Events": [ ] } { "ID": "xxxxxxxx" 
"Message": "<pre> {statetext} </pre>", 
"State": {state? False, True},
 "Statet text": "{state? OFF, ON}", 
"Package name": "<b> company </b> {package_name}" 

Output on the cell phone
(HK results from the "ID")
05.04.2023 09:11:37 HK 2.Ug cold
Disorder pump 1 WT NT CHP HVB2U242203 PJ101Y101Y digital input A Disorder pump 1 WT NT CHP HVB2U242203 PJ101Y101Y

Hallo Ihr alle
Ich habe ein Problem das ich mit Node-Red umsetzen möchte.
Wir haben eine Gebäudeleittechnik, dort werden zurzeit Störmeldungen aus dem System in einem Externen Programm auf Telegram gesendet. Leider wird dieses Programm nicht mehr supported.
Ich habe mir ĂĽberlegt das man das eventuell mit Node-red und dem Chat Bot erreichen kann.
Leider habe ich keine Idee wie man die Daten in den Chat Bot bekommt.
Die Konfiguration aus dem System sieht wie folgt aus.
Kann mir da jemand helfen????

Name Protokol Verbinden ĂĽber
ASCII Telegram ASCII TCP/IP (Winsock)

Name Dienst Zieladresse
Telegram -1- ASCII Telegram Telegram Server


  "Events": [
      "Id": "xxxxxxxx"
     "Message": "<pre>{STATETEXT}</pre>",
      "State": {STATE ? false,true},
      "StateText": "{STATE ? AUS,EIN}",
      "PackageName": "<b>Firma</b>   {PACKAGE_NAME}"

Ausgabe auf dem Handy (HK ergibt sich aus der „Id“)
05.04.2023 09:11:37 HK 2.UG Kälte
Störung Pumpe 1 WT NT BHKW HVB2U242203 PJ101Y101Y Digitalereingang

GruĂź Arno

You will need to set up a new bot first since only one controller can control a bot. The instructions are provided in the node I believe. When you've done that, run through the provided examples and then come back and people will be able to provide further help.

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Thanks for the answer
The bot is installed and works, I get the error messages I have created and can also query statuses.
The messages arrive at this link in .
I couldn't find anything in the examples, so I'm trying here.
Greeting Arno

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