Node-red-contrib-discovery2mqtt nodes

Is there anybody using these nodes? There doesn't seem to be much information found by Google search. I have spent about half a day trying to get theese nodes to work. Does anybody have working flow thay could share please?
I am a bit confused by the term 'discovery2mqtt server' but I have taken it to be the mqtt server which is hosted on the same home Assistant set up as my node-RED install. So, in the server set up I put host: for the port I put 1883, I add my password and user name. I set a base topic as 'homeassistant'. However, I cannot get any componetns to poputate the component box.
There have only been a few downloads of these nodes so it doesn't seem as if it is widely used.
ANy help would be greatly appreciated. All the mqtt settings I have used work flawlessly in other flows.

I have exactly the same problem, have you found a solution for it?

Can I suggest that you raise an issue in the node's git repo to get help from the node author, or alternatively post the question in the HA forum.


These posts made me curious, as not only HA uses MQTT Autodiscovery but also Domoticz (in the latest beta). I installed the nodes and tried to configure them in the most logical way.

The result was a complete crash of Node Red and the browser losts its connection to the server.
I could only recover by removing the nodes from the palette on the CLI and restart NR.

Hi, I haven't got these nodes to work yet, but I haven't had time to look at them again. I think we can safely assume that none of the Node-RED experts on this forum use them since there have not been many responses. I do plan to try them again when I get time. I have managed to get discovery working on the ESP8266/32 projects I code using platformIO. Alternatively, if you can implement your project using ESPHome / Home Assistant, then the ESPHome API discovery is automatic and provides all the links from your project to HA.

In my projects with ESP32 I also create devices by automatic discovery, but there are other projects that I do not have in ESP32 and I would like to do it through this integration.

In the end I see myself creating the sensors from a terminal

You all may wish to post an issue on the repository

"Issues · twocolors/node-red-contrib-discovery2mqtt · GitHub" Issues · twocolors/node-red-contrib-discovery2mqtt · GitHub

So far it has zero issues open or closed so the author may not be aware of your questions or problems.

I may well post as you suggest but first I need to re-visit the issue on my system so I can provide specifc information on what isn't working. Thank you for the link, I am sure you are right about the author not being aware of issues. I suspect there are zero issues because the nodes are, apparently, so little used.

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