Node-Red-Contrib-I2c Issues


I Just installed the Node-Red-Contrib-I2c nodes from the pallet manager. The package installed with no errors or warnings.
Node red version 1.0.6
Npm 6.14.4
NodeJs 10.15.1

The documentation says that the config nodes have been removed as of version 0.5.0
But then further down the page, it says to configure the node
Raspberry PI version it can be one of the below values; for the RPi Rev 1 it /dev/i2c-0 and all Others it will be /dev/i2c-1 (=default).

Long story short I tried to do a basic scan of the i2c bus and it didn't find the device. Also trying to request failed. Looks like there is a new maintainer as of recent, so not sure if it has issues with the current node-red?
Any pointers, help guide me to solve this problem would be great.


Did you enable i2c in raspi-config ?

Mr dceejay.
The new maintainer ? I did enable yes.
Is the current version meant to have the config for the device.
Picture is from Github btw.


Hi , no as it says the latest versions only use /dev/i2c-1 for the later devices (i2c-0 for Pi rev 1) etc...
So the config is redundant. I'll go tidy up the docs.

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