Node-red-contrib-modbus & FC43 / 14 (0x2B / 0x0E) Read Device Identification

I am making a development with a Vaisala Humidity and Temperature Probe HMP110. The read-out of the data and status works fine, however the readout of serial number, firmware version, ... does not work. This requires FC43 / 14 for reading Device Identification objects. The Modbus Flex Getter node gives the error of an unsupported / unknown function code. In this link you find the manual of the device (p.91 for the device information object and p.86 for the function code 43 / 14).

Would it be possible in the near future to be possible to support FC 43 / 14, according to current modbus specification. The FC 43 / 14 is present as of 2006 in the secification.

Thank you for any response

You will need to raise that with the node author - likely github issues pages - you can (usually) find the like to the repository in the nodes' page on the flows site linked at the top of this forum.

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