Node-red-contrib-modbustcp polling speed

What factors influence the speed of sampling of modbustcp-read nodes?

I have a device with 4x 12 bit Analog inputs rated at 20Hz.
I think that could mean it could sample every 50ms?

I want to sample 5 times a second, every 200ms.

I have two other inputs on the same ModbusTCP device.
I don't need to sample them anywhere near as fast, even 1 sample per minute would be ok.

Can I set different polling rates on different modbustcp nodes?
It seems to me to cause problems with disconnect detection and restarting if I set different polling rates?

I am running the latest versions of everything on a FriendlyArm NanoPi M4, 64 bit lubuntu LXDE 18.04 4G RAM. 16G eMMC.

When I try to poll at anything faster than 1 sample per second the web interface of Node-RED seems to start having problems. It is slow to open node properties, when in node properties drop down option lists keep closing themselves before you have a chance to select what you need.

Any thoughts please?
Thank you

Why do you want so frequent sampling? It's not healthy as you mentioned.

For different sampling times you can insert more nodes and sample at different times. (do you want to read same register)

try to use flex getter and poll with inject node