Node-red-contrib-nora thermostatTemperatureRange

Has anyone implemented thermostatTemperatureRange for the thermostat node?

I use this node in my KNX installation at my home and I have a KNX thermostat that I would like to control with the Nora thermostat node.

This works fine but my KNX thermostat has a variable that sets the max and min allowed temperature shift. I would like this to be the same max min value in the thermostat that is in google home app.

I have tried to implement the following in the nora-thermostat.js script witch results in following error: nora: "sync error (invalid object for sync)"

//Original Code
        var state$ = new rxjs_1.BehaviorSubject({

            online: true,

            thermostatMode: 'off',

            thermostatTemperatureAmbient: 25,

            thermostatTemperatureSetpoint: 20,

            thermostatTemperatureSetpointLow: 20,

            thermostatTemperatureSetpointHigh: 30,

//new code
thermostatTemperaturerange: {
          minTemperatureRangeCelsius: 15,
          maxTemperatureRangeCelsius: 25,

Is there any way to do this locally ore must this be done by the developer of the node?

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