Node-red-contrib-opcua - connection error: end point must exist

Hello everyone,

i´m trying to connect my PLC over the Client with Node-RED.
i added in my Client a Server with the correct address (hopefully :slight_smile: )but i receive this error " Client node error on: error: [" OPC UA connection error: End point must exist opc.tcp://"]".

when i Change somthing on my PLC changes the value on Client, which means they are connected, but i can't connect my Client with Node-RED.

could someone help me please?

is the node-red server on the same IP address range as the opc server?

Add node-red-node-ping and see if you can ping from node-red.

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did you mean like this?

No. Just feed the ping to a debug node. Do you get successful pings from node-red to the OPC server?

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that looks to be connected correctly
i copied my OPC URL from my Client, everythings looks good, but when i use OPCUA-Client in Node-RED i receive the errors

have you entered that full URL into the ping node?

Ping only operates on hostname or IP

Only enter the IP - check again

i get the massage: "some configurations-node are not used, klich hier to see"
when i click i see what in Picture

when i choose one of them, the same thing happens like the last picture

you have multiple unused config nodes - delete the ones not in use.

does ping work?


it's working

is OPC now working?

If not, I can only suggest you read through the issues on the projects github issues pages - you might find a solution.

EDIT: I updated the title for better exposure

OPC is not working.

ok thanks a lot

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