Node-red-contrib-opcua server persistent

i'm new user, but i need to use an OPCUA server in nodered to exchange variable from panel PC to device with nodered installed.
So i tried a node OpcUa-Server, i add variable, but there is not persistent, so when i restart nodered i need to save value to global context and after write to server OPC UA value and structure.
It is not possible to save name of variable and value to a file?

Yes, you can persist values between reboots.

The node-red (built-in) solution is to enable file based context in your settings file to persist values between reboots: Working with context : Node-RED


Use a contrib node: e.g. node-red-contrib-key-value-store


Yes I use global context but it's bit complicated...I hope it could be easier with functionality of server..

I just added new feature: Save / Load address space (nodeset) into the file (xml format).
See: Save / Load server address space (nodeset.xml) · Issue #374 · mikakaraila/node-red-contrib-opcua · GitHub

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