Node-red-contrib-tasmota 0.9.4 nodes help needed

Hi, I am trying to configure (3) node-red-contrib-tasmota 0.9.4 nodes, especially the Switch node, but the documentation is not sufficient for me to get it configured and working. The authors of these nodes published some flow example pictures, but not a flow that can be copied to check it out.
The problem seems to be the Device configuration parameter and the broker. It hints that you have to enter "Device id (topic)". I assume it is the topic used by the tasmota device. Any topic string is accepted when I deploy, but the node shows an "Offline" status indicator, so I can't test it. The switch (sonoff/tasmota) device is powered up and works well.
I have a Mosquitto broker running locally, which is up and working fine and have entered the required broker parameters in the Tasmota Switch node, but it stays offline.
Does anyone have experience with these nodes and can send me an example flow or explain to me how to configure the node?
This is my configuration:
6 Jun 20:26:42 - [info] Node-RED version: v1.0.2
6 Jun 20:26:42 - [info] Node.js version: v10.20.1
6 Jun 20:26:42 - [info] Linux 4.15.0-101-generic x64 LE

Appreciate your help.

I believe a number of people have had problems with these nodes. If you don't get anywhere then I suggest just accessing the devices directly using MQTT nodes. It is not difficult to do it this way.

The Tasmota node itself worked perfect for me (and it is easier to handle than MQTT), but it crashed at Node-RED startup when using together with the enocean node, which I needed for another connection.
see the thread Tasmota node not working after Tasmota 8.30 firmware update?

So I cannot install it to make a test flow for you, but I remember, that you just have to use the Tasmota name of the device to use it.
But you can use the Tasmota devices via MQTT with a small overhead, too.

Thanks Stefan, the reason for trying these nodes was to find out the difference(s) and pro/con compared to the classic way to use Tasmota using mqtt. Since it is still not working, even using your advice, I will stop trying and continue the way I did before. Leo

I have a number of Sonoff S20 mains switches, flashed with Tasmota 8.3.1, that work really well with Node-RED using the core MQTT-In node (not the node-red-contrib-tasmota widget).

Have you thought about going down this route?

Yes, my tasmota devices work with mqtt-in and -out nodes, without any problem and fast as well. I only wanted to check whether these contrib-tasmota nodes had any advantages. So I will stay with my mqtt nodes.

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