I am trying to use the svg node to animate an image, so that it just rotates on its centre point. I have checked the WiKi and examples but cannot work out the relevance of the from and to parameters in teh animation

Any help appreciated

Hi @mtoko,

At the time being I had created following example:


See here for the example flow and extra information about it.

Hopefully that makes things a bit more clear ...

That does my brain in, one of them is going the wrong way.

Haha, I was wondering all that time who would be the first one to see that. I thought: most probably it will be someone retired, who has too much free time :rofl:

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If only that were true!

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Hi Bart
Thanks for the reply. I have been staring at that example all day. If you look at the screen shot I included it is from that example. I cannot work out what the relationship is to the 0, 300, 390 and 360, 300 390 in the from and to settings. Is this x and y co-ordinates on the drawing?

That must be what causes the stutter :rofl:
As soon as I saw that, I was "Something is wrong here...wait. one of the gears are going the wrong way

Can I assume you are also retired? :joy:

It is some time ago that I wrote that example, but it seems it works like this:

The rotate(<a> [<x> <y>]) transform function specifies a rotation by a degrees about a given point. If optional parameters x and y are not supplied

Thanks Bart

That pointed me in the right direction, but the image did not rotate around the centre but around one corner. I noticed that SVG Editor defaults to corner when you draw the image, when I drew a new image with centre as the origin the image rotated around the centre.


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