Node-red-contrib-usbhid Can not connect 2 RFID125 Khz usb reader at same time due to same VID and PID

Dear all,
I build the Pike Parking project that require 2 RFID125 Khz usb reader on Node-red and Raspi 3B.
I install Node-red-contrib-usbhid however usbhid detect same VID and PID for both RFID125 Khz usb reader, only serial is defferent.
Are there any way for usbhid to see both RFID125 Khz usb reader in 1 Raspi 3B?
Thank You!

Hi and welcome!

I believe you might have better chance posting an issue on the contrib node's repository:

Just a thought... you might be able to use udev rules to mimic a different VID and PID on insert of the given devices. There has to be 'something' unique you can attach to via udev that you can then leverage. Might be how the contributor solves the issue actually.

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