Node-red-contrib-vcgencmd : reset throttling statistics

Found here somebody that claims it should be possible, by adding a bitmask parameter to the command:

vcgencmd get_throttled 0x7

I understand this from his explanation:

  • There are two persistent values stored in the Raspberry:
    • Value A: Keep track whether the Raspberry has been throttled since reboot.
    • Value B: Keep track whether the Raspberry has been since the bitmask has been used.
  • You can get hold of both of these values:
    • Get value A by calling the command without bitmask.
    • Get value B by calling the command with bitmask.

If it works like this, then I think I should implement it in my node like this:

  • Add a checkbox in my config screen "reset throttling status at every measurement".
  • Apply the bitmask when the checkbox is selected.
  • Add a warning in my readme file that only a single node-red-contrib-vcgencmd node is allowed to have this option. Indeed there is only 1 value B available in your Raspberry so the nodes would start resetting each others value B ...

Is there anybody that could check whether this theory is valid?
Not sure how I could 'easily' throttle my Raspberry temporarily to experiment with this.