Node-red-contrib-wav (beta)

Hi folks,

We had an interesting discussion some time ago, about raw audio samples in Node-RED. In that discussion we needed to add a WAV headers to the raw audio samples, to make sure that other nodes know what those bytes represent (number of channels, number of bytes per sample, ...).

Got a question last weekend to publish that node on NPM. There is now a beta version available, which you can install like this:

npm install node-red-contrib-wav@1.0.0-beta.1

I have extended the node to support 3 actions:

  • Get the WAV header in a human readable format, in case you want to know which kind of audio you are dealing with.
  • Add your own WAV header to raw audio samples (PCM), based on the input you have specified in the config screen.
  • Remove the WAV header to convert a WAV chunk to raw audio samples (PCM).

There is quite some information available on the readme page.

As always al 'constructive' feedback is welcome.

Have fun with it!

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I managed to implement the massive amount of feedback, and have publish version 1.0.0 on NPM.