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Hey everyone, and merry Christmas to all.

I am kinda new here and am looking for some help and guidance.

My aim is to create a new node, to interface a clickboard sensor to a BeagleBone Black.
I have already written a program in C to do so, and was wondering on what the steps to creating a new node would be. I want to be able to use my functions within node-red rather than as an external program.

Is there any kind of tutorial? even a very basic one, like for reading a gpio for example, or create a node from a C function to output/display "hello world".

Thnx in advance

Hi there, welcome to the community.

The first step is to check the flows library to see if anything already exists.

Next is to run through the Node-RED docs which includes some information about writing custom nodes. Then to maybe look at some existing custom nodes to get some ideas about best practice.

As nodes are node.js modules, the integration to C comes from node.js and you should look for suitable information there.

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Thank you for your reply.
Unfortunately, no library exists, for which it'll be an interesting project for me to work on.
For the rest, I'll go again through the docs. :slight_smile:

By library, we mean have you checked for a node that provides that functionality in -

Yes, I thought I understood that correctly, but from the library search, I wasn't able to find the sensor or sensor family I am using

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