Node red credential value coming as empty string in node details

I have added secretKey is credential object, when i update this value first time then secretKey value is coming is deploy.js file inside node information but when I redeploy the flow again without modifying secretKey value then its value coming as empty string in deploy.js. and Its value is coming fine when i update it again with new value.

Please suggest me the solution where i will get the credential value is deploy.js without updation.


Hi @Surendra

Credential properties are handled differently to normal node properties. By default, they are not loaded by the editor. They only get loaded if the node is edited. Even then, any 'password' type property is never loaded by the editor - instead it loads some special meta data the editor can use to know if the password property is set or not.

Can you explain a bit more what you're trying to do here?

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