Node Red Dashboard RGBW with KNX

Thank you for this way, It looks much cleaner!

Will try next time I have access to the system again (it's my dad's house)

As for the rest, I'm not sure if I can follow you completely... but I think I know what you mean :slight_smile:

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Christian, That is simply stunning!!

You might find this of interest we use enocean sensors in chairs, light measurement and PIRs to help drive the Leds via DMX. []


I love interactive architecture. Light is a save harbor but motion is quite challenging

Here a side project I'm working on since 5 Years (on and off) is this project (in the same Hotel)
Its the equivalent to the light installation

30x 3m high Mirrors each rotatable by 30 stepper motors

5x STM32 micros controlling 6 Motors each with L6470 drivers own firmware connected by MQTT and web sockets to a Raspberry

separate power control box to remotely power the controllers and motors (oh my messy lab)

Case design done in fusion 360

And controlled, you guessed it, by Node-RED

Unfortunately only "nearly done". All installed but the pandemic prohibited testing on site (Hamburg is 300km away from Berlin). Remote testing of 30 beefy stepper motors with 47:1 gearboxes can and will certainly end in a disaster. Hope I can finish it in summer. Will be a challenge to get it running again because I forgot everything - especially the firmware written for the mbed framework complete with an LCD and (kind of) graphical interface. Yeah that's real legacy code.

Here the only video I have of the first test of one controller and 6 Motors: iCloud

First time I share the project with others than a few colleagues. But a motivation to finish it.


Woo that is quite an extraordinary Side project

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