Colorpicker payload sending RGB values all zero


I tried to control my KNX RGB controller with colorpicker. When i check the values in the object sent to the KNX device it looks like:

It does not matter what color i choose, it is all zero and the RGB light turns off.

I'm on nodeRed V2 beta, does anyone know what the problem is here?

Just a quick follow up on this:
I debugged the problem and found that the color picker sends:
But the KNX device expects:
So i added an change node and moved the values in the object from r to red, g to green and so on and removed the "a:0" property (i don't know what this stands for?) from the object.
Now the color picker works as expected

The a: is transparency (Alpha channel).

Thanks for the clarification!

and goes from 0 -> 1 (vs 0 -> 255 for the r, g and b)

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