Colour picker weirdness

I am trying to use colour picker but find some weird behaviour.

I want to have colour wheel and transparency slider only. Why does the rgba come rgb only when 'a' = 1 ?(see the bottom right corner.

why the minimum red, green and blue values are 16, not 0.

what should be the center value of RGB, 127? but it is not?

the 'Show lightness slider' is always auto selected when opening the configuration dialog.

That is happening because of the tinycolor library which if you ask the string representation of rgb color, it omits the alpha in case of alpha = 1

And actually the node does not allow to configure rgba so rgb will be correct output in this case.

No workaround for the case, but you can set the output payload to be an object.

Can't reproduce this anyhow.

That seems to be bug.

I ended using HEX8, it always provides rgba

The 16 offset of the colours was because of lightness slider I think.

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