Color picker, cannot select grey

Hi all,

I mentioned this in a previous thread but could really do with some guidance.
I am using the color picker is a project but I cannot seem to select the inner part of the circle. As a result there is no way (that I can see) to select a grey color.
I'm about to change to the text input node and use the color picker on that. Unfortunately it means going through my main script line by line to get it to accept hex instead of RGB. (Gonna take a while!!)

Does anyone know if it is possible to get a grey color from the picker color?


Just thinking, the color picker is probably primarily designed for use with RGB lights.. I have yet to see a grey RGB light :slight_smile: Maybe that's the reason the option is not available.

for a simple grey scale you may be better off just using the slider to give you 0 - 100 or 0 - 255, and then a simple function node to make that into rgb by simply repeating the values

Thanks again @dceejay
I ended up changing to the text input field color picker and using a function to convert the output to RGB.
Works perfectly..
I would like to say one more thing.
My mane is Ant and I am a Dashboardaholic. There, I said it....

This is a different project I am working on for my house. I was using a framework called WEBIOPI for years to control the heating in my house but Dashboard has allowed me to give it a steroid infusion.

Heating is controlled with a relay board. Scheduler in the backend for timed ON/OFF.
Water tank temp (not turned on at the moment but working) is an ESP32 using (3X) DS18B20 thermometers transmitting how hot the tank is back to the Pi over MQTT (Wifi)
Internet radio is MPD.
Lights & Pond (pump) are RF sockets being switched using the Python RC Switch module.

All a work in progress, but happily addicted. Thanks for all the work that goes into this.

One more thing. I build all of this by trawling endlessly through forums, so I really do put in the effort and only ask questions when absolutely needed. I very much appreciate the fantastic help I do get.

All controlled by browser or from touch screen in the kitchen (old photo but gives the idea). Cat not impressed.

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Don't worry - you're amongst friends. Feel free to talk. :slight_smile:

Thanks.. I feels good to get it off my chest :slight_smile:

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