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Dear Dashboard TEAM:
This is me trying desperately to be "Constructive".

I was trying to figure out what "COLOUR" options, by using "Green", "Light Green" etc. I found that only certain keywords are recognized. A list of them would be helpful in the help? Maybe?

So, I put in a "Colour Picker" node in order to see if anything would be available in it's output. The default is in HEXidecimal and does not play in the button "Colour" or "Background"....

However I did find that the output in RGB format "rgb(9, 185, 85)" example does work... by stumbling on it.... You could at least mention the ways that the Node configuration does work!

While I am elated that the system is very user friendly! I could not thank you guy enough for making such a useful tool to program and set up a very nice interface, The downside, is that the DASHBOARD in particular is very light on help details. It's almost like you want to keep how it works a secret...

More detail or reference in DASHBOARD would allow users to figure out how things work or if we should use another approach altogether.

For a non web programmer as myself, the field of CSS, HTML and Templates is abstract. for us, it would be very helpful to include links to useful methods to do interface related kinds of things quickly. If you, a programmer use any tools or references, the less knowledgeable (myself included) those would be very useful for us to find means to our goals and learn.

Kind Regards,

Get your point.
The colours are anything html allows so any of the html colour names should work as should hex values. I have to ask which browser you are using ? For chrome and Firefox they show the colour choice as a picker already. I’m guessing it must be safari.

Also a how to use dashboard guide is in the works. But hey day job gets in the way.



I use Firefox. It works mostly always for what I need, Google will update and then not run. Edge.... is on the edge of maybe. IE, is extinct, and safari, based on your guess, it seems that one may be a waste of time to try.

Kind Regards,

So where is this colour options you are looking at ? Thanks


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